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[icon_box title=”Web & Online Solutions” text=”Increase your sales, client base, and online presence with a professional custom designed website!” icon=”fa-html5″]
[icon_box title=”Graphic & Print Solutions” text=”Have an event and need a cool flyer? Need brochures, business cards, booklets, or logo design? Cool Quarters Design can help!” icon=”fa-desktop”]
[icon_box title=”Consulting & Business Services” text=”Let us help you organize your business processes and marketing strategies to increase revenues and promote growth of your business.” icon=”fa-font”]
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Cool Quarters Design is a full-service graphic and web design company dedicated to the success of its clients.  Whether you are a small company, entrepreneur, or large organization seeking to revamp your brand and marketing presence, Cool Quarters Design is here to help you achieve your goals!

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[special_heading title=”FROM HAPPY CLIENTS” th_text_align=”text-center”]
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[special_heading title=”Why Choose Cool Quarters Design?” th_text_align=”text-center”]
[icon_box_grid title=”It’s Personal” text=”The process is about you and your business. We’ll guide you through the options available that best meet your needs, and will keep you involved every step of the way until your project is complete.” icon=”fa-smile-o”]
[icon_box_grid title=”We care about your success!” text=”You want your business and endeavors to succeed and so do we! By looking out for your best interest, we will offer suggestions and advice that will help your project achieve the success that it deserves.” icon=”fa-line-chart”]
[icon_box_grid title=”Experience” text=”We have a passion for what we do and take pride in our work. We have experience working with entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses, and larger organizations.” icon=”fa-star”]
[icon_box_grid title=”Our services are valuable.” text=” Our graphic services and web solutions are poised to help lower your marketing costs and increase performance of your marketing campaigns. In short, a great return on your investment!” icon=”fa-usd”]
[special_heading title=”About the CEO” th_text_align=”text-center”][team_member name=”Trelena Anderson” position=”CEO, Owner” facebook=”” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” envelope=”” src=”671″ description=”Trelena Anderson is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and an MBA in Business Management. She has also developed herself creatively in graphic and web design, and has passion for using design and modern solutions to help organizations operate more efficiently and market themselves more effectively.”]
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[pricing_box title=”Web Services” button_label=”Request a Quote” features=”Custom Design,Many Features,E-Commerce Solutions,Website Maintenance,Domain Registration & Hosting,and much more!” price=” ” period=” ” button_url=””]
[pricing_box title=”Graphic Services” button_label=”Request a Quote” features=”Business Cards,Flyers,Posters,Banners,Ad Booklets,and much more!” price=” ” period=” “]
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